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Why choose Felix Dream?

Felix Dream is born from an entrepreneurial idea of ​​two young Cilentans, Pierluigi and Teresa, who love their territory and the tourism’s world. With the support of Leonardo and Antonella, local entrepreneurs who have been working in the sector for more than 20 years, their desire is to lead you on an experiential journey. Their added value is the knowledge of the places, traditions and activities that Campania can offers. They wish to become your "Cilento’s friends", who will welcome you, host you and propose authentic activities. Felix Dream is an interconnection project that aims to go beyond the boundaries of mass tourism, approaching an experiential and tailor-made dimension.
Get inspired by our travels
Campania... generous land of the Mediterranean diet, offers joys for the palate and the eyes to anyone who visits it. If you want to discover the recipe for taste and well-being, sit at the table with us for this fantastic tour!
Campania Felix
Campania… land of slow life, natural breath of genuine life. If you want to live following nature’s calm, immerse yourself in the daily life of this land.
Sailing South
Campania... Poseidon’s home and stunning sea. The waves and sun match will gift unique emotions in this journey that will lead you to discover all the coasts of our region.
Campania History
Campania... land full of history and generous with memory. If you would like to discover Magna Grecia and know the amazing places of this land, we offer the right tour for you!
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