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Tailor Made Travel

Plan your trip with Pierluigi and Teresa.
For a dream holiday every detail counts.

Who we are?
Paestum Holidays is an agency designed with passion and dedication by Leonardo, an entrepreneur who has led the company towards development and innovation for over 20 years. The Paestum Holidays team, has decided to promote the entrepreneurial idea of two young Cilentani, Pierluigi and Teresa, who deeply love their land and deeply believes in the Cilento’s value. This is how – CAMPANIA FELIX DREAM - is born, which aims to be more than just a tour operator: it will be your "friend of Cilento," ready to welcome you on an authentic and fascinating journey. Through our travel experience, you will immerse yourself in the heart of Campania, discovering stories passed down from generation to generation, visiting the most charming and unspoiled places, tasting the dishes of the generous Mediterranean diet, and swimming in the crystal-clear waters of our coastline. The project aims to enhance and connect the territory, transcending the boundaries of mass tourism to offer you a thematic, emotional, and tailor-made experience. Let yourself be moved by the authentic bond you will create with this land and its millennial-old traditions.

Explore, Live, Remember!
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