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Visit Campania
All-inclusive holiday packages
Discover Campania and Cilento in all their splendor with our all-inclusive vacation packages. Let art, culture, gastronomy, and breathtaking landscapes captivate you. For an unforgettable and worry-free travel experience, come and explore our all-inclusive vacation packages in Campania and Cilento. Our tailor-made offers cover every aspect of your trip, from accommodation to excursions – all you have to do is enjoy
Weekend in Paestum
Enjoy an extraordinary weekend in Paestum with our dedicated vacation package. Discover the ancient magic of this archaeological site. Stay in an apartment with the option of taxi service and a guide. Starting from 40 euros

Special offer "Next"
Stay in Capaccio Paestum at our facilities to attend events or conferences at the NEXT. We ensure a comfortable experience with included taxi service. Starting from 35 euros."

School trips
Offer your students an unforgettable educational experience in Cilento. Purchase one of our educational travel packages and discover the cultural and natural heritage of this beautiful location. Starting from 149 euros

Summer vacation
Experience a summer full of emotions. Relax on the beaches of Cilento
Travel ideas
Explore our customizable trip ideas to create the perfect adventure. We adapt each itinerary to your needs, for a tailor-made experience that exceeds all expectations.
Discover Cilento in an adventurous way! We offer exciting activities such as rafting, zip-lining and even hot air balloon flights, for an unforgettable journey through the natural wonders of the region.

From E 35.00
At least 2 participants

Discover the Mediterranean diet with our culinary experiences. Taste delicious wines and visit local dairies to immerse yourself in the authentic flavors of traditional Mediterranean cuisine.
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From E 75.00
At least 2 participants
Discover the ancient history of Campania with our holiday package dedicated to archaeology. Explore extraordinary archaeological sites and be fascinated by the richness of the region's past. Velia, Paestum and Pompeii await you!

From E 60.00
At least 2 participants

Cycling e trekking
Discover the beauty of Cilento in a slow and sustainable way! Buy our holiday package dedicated to cycling or trekking and discover this splendid corner of Italy at your own pace.
The paths and the Silent Way await you!

From E 40.00
At least 2 participants

Discover Cilento in an engaging way! Our experiential holiday package will give you wine tastings, cooking lessons and immersive National Park adventures, for an authentic understanding of this fantastic location.

From E 45.00
At least 2 partecipants

Give your family a unique experience in the picturesque villages of Cilento! With summer shows and workshops designed specifically for children, fun is guaranteed.
You will also find many child-friendly beaches.

From E 35.00
At least 2 participants

For a tailor-made travel experience in Cilento, trust Paestum Holidays. One of our tour operators will help you create an all-inclusive package, with various accommodation options and a wide range of activities: boat trips, trekking, tastings, cooking lessons and much more. These are just some of the extraordinary opportunities that Cilento has to offer. Contact us, and we will make your dream trip come true.
Write to us and book now with Paestum Holidays
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