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Mozzarella Tour

Mozzarella experience

25 euro one person
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Duration: 1:30 hours
Departs: Paestum railway station or meeting point on request
Returns: Returns to original departure point

Description Tour
The experience will begin with a visit to dairy in one of the leading farms of Paestum and conclude with a tasting of a buffalo mozzarella cheese.

Buffalo mozzarella is a typical food of the Pestum plain and of the Caserta area.
Mozzarella is a very special cheese.
It is called mozzarella because the cheese is "Mozzare". This term means cutting by  hands.
Milks comes from the Bufala Mediterranea, a very nice bovine. A buffalo produces about 13 liters of milk a day. A buffalo produces 3-4 kg of mozzarella with its milk.Mozzarella is also known as white gold.

Many years ago, the Paestum plain was swampy, the buffalo found a perfect home in the Paestum plain. The people of the Paestum plain noticed that the buffalo was a valid aid in agriculture, in addition to producing milk, the buffalo was strong and walked without difficulty in water-rich soils.

Price includes:    
Transfer to paestum railway station
or meeting point established for destination, and return.
Mozzarella tasting
Price not includes:
All that is not reported in
price includes

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