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What to do in Santa Maria? - Punta Licosa - stories and activites -

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Santa Maria di Castellabate is a rural village in Cilento, it is such a characteristic place that it has become a coveted set by Italian cinema.

But not only the Italian registers appreciate the beauty of the place. In fact, Santa Maria di Castellabate is a very popular place for tourists from all over the world, especially from the French and English, who love to walk on the beautiful promenade and populate the town from the first days of March.


But the place that I most appreciate of Santa Maria di Castellabate is Punta Licosa.
It will be because of the nature that surrounds the place, perfect for the loved ones like me of trekking, open air activities or simply for the crystal clear sea.
All travelers will agree that Punta Licosa is a magical place, where a story of love is intertwined with a unique and wonderful nature.
In fact, it is said that the islet of Punta Licosa was formed from the body of a mermaid, who killed herself for love by jumping off a cliff.



The legend has very ancient origins, in fact the ancient inhabitants of Posedonia (Paestum) dedicated to the siren Leucosia, a gateway to the city of Paestum.
The door called "Sirena" (siren) is one of two intact entry arches.The ancient city of Paestum had four arches of access.
Punta Licosa was a very important place for ancient civilizations, because it was a reference point for maritime trade routes.


Some activities to do in Punta Licosa

You are passionate about outdoor activities:

- Trekking lovers can enjoy the landscapes of Santa Maria and Ogliastro Marina, thanks to the Punta Licosa circuit.

Trekking is easy, tourist type, accessible even to those who do not have a sport preparation, the route is about 10 km long, between paved road and paths.

- Adventurous admirers can immerse themselves in the crystal clear sea of ​​Santa Maria.

There are many structures and clubs of passionate lovers of adventure that tourists can contact to discover the beautiful seabed. The depths of Santa Maria and Ogliastro Marina rich in the history of Cilento.

For those who are not driving experts but want to enjoy the sea, it is possible to rent a boat. You can rent a boat in Agropoli or Acciaroli, an expert skipper will take you to discover the Cilento coast, on the routes of the ancient peoples who lived in the area, telling you stories and local legends.

You are a lover of relaxation, you want to enjoy your holidays, for you there are many experiences to play:

An experience we highly recommend is the Thalasso Therapy.You can spill it in a SPA. Thalasso therapy is a therapy that exploits the benefits of sea sand and salt water.

-Tour, experiences and excurtions - wolking privete tour-

Explore Cilento
Santa Maria di Castellabate is a strategic point, well connected to the whole Cilento, from Santa Maria you can organize tours and excursions to the most beautiful places:

- Visit the temples of Paestum, and taste the buffalo mozzarella
- Visit Agropoli, the beaches, the Castle and eat a good homemade ice cream while enjoying the view of the bay.
- Visit Acciaroli and taste an excellent fish dinner.
Or organize a day tour to visit the Amalfi Coast, Positano with a stop in Pompeii and taste the real pizza in Naples.

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