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Sorrento, Amalfi and Positano low cost.

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The Campania coastline is one of the most beautiful in the world, a natural wonder, made unique by the crystal clear sea and the beautiful villages overlooking the sea.

The resorts of Sorrento, Amalfi and Positano are excellent tourist destinations for those visiting the beautiful Campania. The squares, restaurants and shops overlooking the sea are truly unique, but they are as beautiful as they are expensive, extremely expensive, but they are places that should be visited at least once in their lifetime.

But how can you visit these beautiful places and manage to safeguard your wallet?

You're in the right place, here are the secrets to visit the most famous tourist destinations in the world.

Sorrento, Amalfi and Positano low cost.
Our advice

1- Where to stay?

As mentioned above, the towns of Positano, Amalfi and Sorrento are as beautiful as they are expensive. Staying in one of these places is very expensive, a night in b & b costs on average around 110 euros in low season and 150 in high season.
We recommend you to stay in other places like Paestum and Agropoli.
A stay in Paestum is about 40 euros per night in b & b and just over 20 euros per night in an apartment

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2-How to move?

The towns of Positano, Amalfi and Sorrento are very chaotic especially in high season, traffic could ruin your holidays, spending a whole day bottled up in traffic is not very relaxing.
Furthermore, parking in these places is really expensive, a parking lot can cost as much as 5 euros per hour.

How to avoid traffic? public transport is the ideal solution, the metrò del mare is a public line of buses, hydrofoils and ferries serving the major coastal tourist resorts.

If you stay in Paestum you can take the Metrò del Mare in Agropoli, disembark in Amalfi and from here after visiting Amalfi, reach Positano by sea, once the view is over you can comfortably return to Agropoli with the ferry, for a negligible cost of about 29 euros.

Once in Positano or Amalfi you can choose to visit Sorrento at the cost of
about € 16 also this time by sea by hydrofoil.

3- Things not to be missed

We arrived at the center of our article, what to see? what are the places not to be missed in Positano, Amalfi and Sorrento?

The first tip is on clothing: comfortable shoes and sun hat, and of course don't forget to bring a water bottle. Now, you are ready to visit the most beautiful coast in the world strictly on foot, no other way.

Let's start with the beautiful Amalfi,
The places not to be missed for a quick visit to Amalfi are certainly the Duomo and the Paper Mill.

Arriving in the small square of the village of Amalfi, the Cathedral rises on the top of the staircase in a suggestive way. The colorful mosaic covering the external façade of the structure is enchanting. A souvenir photo with the Duomo at the end of the staircase can not miss, now a must for those visiting Amalfi. Interesting is the visit of the monumental complex of Sant 'Andrea (ticket 3 euros)

A unique place is the Carta museum, an ancient paper mill.
The paper mill dates back to the 1300s, it is not only a place not to be missed but a real experience. Admission is approximately 7 euros, a guide will accompany you step by step, from century to century to discover the working of Amalfi paper.
You can admire the old machines and their water functioning.


What about Positano? the coast to take your breath away, it is a unique village in particular in the evening hours, the first thing you ask yourself when you are faced with such beauty is how great can be the genius of the man who built such a citadel so harmoniously literally climbing on the rocks overlooking the sea.
So don't be surprised by the beautiful fashion shops and art galleries known all over the world that fill Positano attracting tourists from all over the world.

A must-see is the Church of Santa Maria dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta, patron saint of the city.
The church is small and in neoclassical style with colors that recall the sea.
In the central nave there is a splendid Byzantine icon of the black Madonna with the child, who arrived in Positano in the 12th century thanks to some Benedictine monks. According to a legend, the icon was on a sailing ship that, off Positano, froze due to lack of wind. After several futile attempts to proceed, the sailors heard a voice that said: "Pose, pose!" The captain interpreted the prodigy as the will of the Virgin to remain in that place and decided to go to earth, at which point the ship resumed move, so the sailors handed over the Icon to the inhabitants of Positano, who elected them their protector.


Sorrento can be easily reached by sea from Amalfi and Positano, thanks to the various ferries with their multiple daily lines.
As soon as you arrive in Sorrento, stop for a coffee in Piazza Tasso, a square known for its fantastic sea view.
After a short break you are ready for an adventure to discover Sorrento, a place full of monuments.

The convent complex of San Francesco d’Assisi formed by the church, the cloister and the monastery with a marble facade.

The Basilica of Sant Antonio Abate dedicated to the Saint who protects the city from epidemics and calamities. Dating back to the year one thousand is divided into three naves, in the center we find the statue of the Saint and at the entrance the bones of the whale that celebrate the rescue of a child swallowed by a whale by the Saint.

Sorrento Cathedral in Romanesque style has been rebuilt on an ancient place of worship and is dedicated to Saints Philip and James.

A place not to be missed if you visit Sorrento is the Vallone dei Mulini, dating back to around 35,000 years ago. The valley owes its origin to a violent eruption and subsequent erosion by water. Inside the valley you can see the ruins of an old mill, used until the beginning of the 1900s to grind wheat, of a sawmill and a public wash house.
A little curiosity.
Sorrento boasts an ancient tradition of wood inlay, in fact there are various shops in Sorrento and the Tarsia Lignea museum, a place to visit.

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