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Personalize your vacation in Italy

paestum holidays
Personalize your vacation

Do you want to suffer for an unforgettable holiday?
If you want a unique holiday, don't buy the standard packages, you can create your dream vacation in complete safety.
How can you visit Italy in a unique way?

Creating your holiday, you decide where you want to go, what you want to visit and when.
Here are some interesting tips to create an unforgettable holiday.

- Create a list of places to visit
- Check the distances between places
- Creates a unique experience
- Optimize your budget
- Choose a safe travel agency

- First step, Create a list of places to visit

an example:
I love Italy and I want to visit my favorite places, I create a list of places I would like to visit.

My list <3 :

Travel to Italy in complete safety and visit the most beautiful places

- Second step , Check the distances between places

How far are the places to visit?

Take a map, check the distances well, optimize the times of visits, if a place is too far from the others, drop it.You must remember that you are on vacation.
Spending a lot of time in the car is not very relaxing, especially if you get stuck in traffic.

Put the places in order to optimize time.

How many days do you have for your holiday?

Put the places in order.Here is an example

I arrive with my plane in Rome, I visit the city of Rome, the Colosseo and taste a typical dish of the place like spaghetti with cheese and pepper. My visit to Rome lasts a full day.
They stayed, for example in a comfortable B&B, and in the morning I wait for a private mini bus with my guide to reach Naples.
I arrive with my guide in Naples in the late morning, I visit the typical places of Naples, I live in full the colors and the unique goodness of one of the most beautiful Italian cities.
If you visit Naples you cannot not taste the real pizza.
I decide to eat a pizza and after lunch continue my visit to Naples.

After the visit to Naples, with my guide and my friends we leave for Paestum.
In paestum my travel agency has found a super comfortable hotel for me.

Paestum is the ideal place if you want to visit the castiera. Paestum is well connected.

From Paestum my guided tour will start for Amalfi Coast, Positano, Sorrento and the small and inclement islands of Capri and Ischia.

-third step, creates a unique experience.

I don't just want to see the sights and monuments, but I want to fully experience my vacation with unique experiences, so I ask my travel agency to create an acanza package for me that includes many experiences.

- Fourth step, optimize your budget

How much will it cost you your dream trip?Remember to adapt your trip to your economic needs.If you have a limited budget, immediately notify the agency of the maximum budget you can spend.So the agency will try to create a unique journey without affecting your finances.

-Fifth step, choose a safe travel agency

How to find a reliable travel agency?
Why choose a travel agency?
It is important to rely on local travel, because the local tour operator has a lot of experience, he can give you great advice, he can easily optimize your budget.
But in particular, he knows the cities, the most beautiful places, the best places and the most comfortable hotels.
It manages to optimize your requests having much more affordable prices than those you can find on online travel sites.

But how to find an excellent and safe travel agency?
Beware of scams

Read the comments of travelers who have already used the agency.
Ask for the years of activity of the agency.
Ask for the agency's data.
In Italy the travel agencies must have the particular authorizations that are issued by the Italian State, the VAT number and an insurance policy.

These data are very important and must be requested before each booking.

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