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Paestum in spring

paestum holidays
20 September 2021

Paestum the perfect destination if you have decided to visit Italy in spring.
Paestum is a small Italian town near Naples and the Amalfi coast.
Paestum is a very beautiful place. Paestum is famous for its temples. Pastum has a large archaeological area, very well preserved. Paestum is the first city of Cilento.

Cilento is a very large geographical area. Cilento is located in Campania. The locality of Cilento has a natural park, the Natural Park of Cilento and Vallo del Diano.
Il Ciletno is a very beautiful place because it has a wide coast with a clear sea and a mountainous area full of ancient villages. Cilento is also known for its Mediterranean diet. In Paestum there is the most famous buffalo milk dairy in the world, Vanullo.During your vacation in Italy, you can visit the dairy and taste the buffalo mozzarella.

Cilento wine is excellent, if you spend your holidays in Cilento, you can visit a famous Italian winery.An expert winemaker will show you his vineyard on the Cilento hills and the cellar where the grapes are transformed into fine wine.At the end of the guided tour, you can taste a glass of wine.
The sea of the Cilento coast is clear, if you are a lover of the sea, you can take a boat trip and visit the coast, you can take a ferry from Agropoli or Salerno accompanied by a tour guide. The ferry will take you quickly to the Amalfi coast.

These are just some of the activities you can do if you decide to visit Cilento, Paestum, Agropoli or Santa Maria di Castellabate.Paestum is a tourist resort with many amenities.You can easily rent a car or rent a classic or electric bike.You can also call a taxi, the taxi service is cheap and fast, available all day, even at night.

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