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Offer for small group

paestum holidays
26 August 2020
Offer for small group travel  in Cilento, Paestum, Italy.

Do you love Italy? Do you want to visit the most beautiful places in Italy?Discover the advantages of visiting Italy in small and  private group travel.Create your tailor-made experience at an advantageous cost.What can you visit if you choose to travel to southern Italy?

Naples is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. If you choose Italy as your destination, you must visit Naples.Many historical monuments await you. You then visit hidden places, for example, underground Naples and enjoy great food.The best pizza in the world, you can eat it in Naples.

If you are a true lover of the good life, you must visit Amalfi and its coast.Amalfi, Positano and Sorrento are beautiful cities, they seem painted.They are cities built on rocks, on the sea.You can visit many monuments and you can shop in famous shops.

-Cilento and Cilento national park
Cilento is a wonderful place, little known, it is a very large area of ​​Italy. Cilento is located not far from Amalfi and Naples.The most famous places in Cilento are Agropoli, Paestum, Santa Maria di Castellabate and Punta Licosa.
If you decide to stay in Cilento, you can visit Amalfi, Ravello, Positano, Sorrento and the islands of Capri and Ischia.In fact you then take a ferry to the port of Agropoli and visit the Amalfi coast and the islands.Cilento is a magical place, in fact more and more foreigners choose to celebrate their weddings in this place.
Cilento and Paestum are among the best destinations for weddings and honeymoons.

Stay in a beach resorts and visit the most beautiful places on the low coast.
With your small travel group, you can have many benefits and offers.You can create your tailor-made holiday with our help.Our vacation packages include transportation, hotel or resort and guided tours.

What can you see in Naples?
Visiting Naples in small groups travel will be a lot of fun.

Spaccanapoli is an area of ​​Naples.Spaccanapoli is a very characteristic place.Spaccanapoli is a road that divides the city of Naples in half. In this area you can see many street performers performing. There are many quaint shops and you can visit historical places and churches.

Cappella di San Severo  and  Cristo Velato

San Giorgio Armeno

Monastero Santa Chiara

Chiesa del Gesù

Napoli Sotterranea
Underground Naples is composed of many tunnels and caves that are located under the city of Naples.Many tunnels date back to Roman times.Some of them were aqueducts.The tunnels were in use until the years following the Second World War.Today some of them can still be visited, with guided tours.

Napoles, Palazzo Reale
The royal palace, in Piazza Plebiscito, has been the residence of royalty for many years.It is now a museum center and is a national librarian.

Pompeii & Vesuvio
Pompeii is the still city, a place of great historical interest, Pompeii is located under Vesuvius, one of the most dangerous active volcanoes in Europe.

Amalfi Cost, Sorrento, Positano, Ravello
The Amalfi coast is an enchanting place. If you are on holiday in Italy, you must visit the most famous coastal cities in Italy.

Ischia and Capri

Procida, Ischia and Capri are located in the Gulf of Naples.
Procida is the smallest island in the gulf, it has volcanic origin. Ischia is the largest island, and has many tourists every year. In Ischia you can visit the Aragnese Castle and the Assunta Cathedral.
Capri is very famous, many films have been shot in this place. If you visit Capri, you must visit the Faraglioni, the Blue Grotto and the spectacular Gardens of Augustus. You can stop to taste a tasty and homemade ice cream in the square of Capri

Cilento Cost

The Cilento coast is a very large area. The most famous cities are: Paestum, Agropoli, Santamaria di Castellabate, Punta licosa, Acciaroli, Palinuro.

Paestum, the beaches of Paestum are wide and sandy, ideal for spending the holidays, there are many baech resorts. The city of Capaccio Paestum is famous all over the world for the archaeological area of ​​Paestum, you can visit the archaeological area with a guide and visit the ancient temples and churches.
Capaccio Paestum is an agricultural city, there are many farms and breeding farms, in this place buffaloes are bred in particular. In fact, the city is known for the production of the excellent buffalo mozzarella D.O.P., the most famous cheese factory is Vannulo.

Agropoli, is a small coastal town, its beaches are not very large, but some of them are very popular with tourists, for example, the Trentova beach.
Agropoli has a small port, you can take the ferry and, starting from Agropoli, visit, at an economical price, the cities of Amalfi, Positano, Sorrento, Capri, Ravello and Ischia.
I recommend you to visit the ancient city of Agropoli, you can eat in one of the many traditional restaurants and visit the ancient Aragonese castle

Santa Maria di Castellabate and Punta Licosa are very popular, this city has a very clean sea and fantastic beaches.
The ancient area is a characteristic place, you can visit the Castle.
If you are a lover of relaxation, you can spend a day at the Approdo Resort Thalasso Spa.

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