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Mediterranean Diet - Foods to taste absolutely

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Mediterranean diet in Cilento National Park, unique foods to taste absolutely!

The Mediterranean diet is widespread in Italy, this is recognized as a thing protected by UNESCO and included in the list of oral and intangible heritage of humanity from 2010.

The Mediterranean diet has become famous throughout the world thanks to the studies of the American doctor Ancel Keys.The Mediterranean diet is typical of the Italian and Greek people.
In fact it is a common diet in all the people that face the Mediterranean sea.
These people practice the same agricultural activities, because they share the same climate, typical of the places overlooking the Mediterranean.

As in Cilento, in these places pasteurization is practiced, the land is very fertile, excellent for growing fruit and vegetables.
On the hills near the Mediterranean sea, in addition to the excellent extra vergin olive oil, an excellent wine is produced too!

The hills are full of vineyards and olive trees.The land is very fertile, and crops can be found everywhere.

In Paestum the artichoke is famous, this artichoke is very particular, and within walking distance to the temples of Paestum it is possible to see cultivated fields full of artichokes.
Very well known in Paestum is the buffalo mozzarella.
There are many dairies where you can taste excellent fresh mozzarella.

But goat cheese is also excellent in Cilento, in fact the consumption of milk and dairy products is very important in the Mediterranean diet. Doctors recommend to eat 2 portions a day of dairy products, 2 portions every meal of vegetables, 2 portions every meal of fruit.

Cilento is also famous for its excellent wine, in fact Cilento DOC is very famous in the world.
Doctors recommend taking 1-1,5 glasses of wine a day, specially red one!
Fish is a very important high food.
In Cilento, fishing is widely practiced long the coast.You can enjoy excellent fish in many restaurants and locations
as: Agropoli, Castellabate, Acciaroli and Amalfi coast.
The anchovies "ALICI DI MENAICA" are a typical product of Cilento.
They can be found in the town of Marina di Pisciotta, and can only be bought by fishermen.

Legumes are also very important,it is advisable to eat legumes 1-2 times a week.
The king of chickpeas is the "U 'Cece di Cicerale", the chickpea from the small town of Cicerale.
Probably this is one of the tastiest chickpea in the world. Small, round and golden in color, this type of chickpea remains full-bodied even after cooking.
Not only chickpeas are cultivated on the hills of Cicerale, in the pre-hill area of ​​the village, there are many farmers, that cultivate Cilento’s figs.
Cilento’s fig is a very small fig, rich in taste, with a clear skin and its internal color is amber.
The anchovies of Menaica, the chickpeas of Cicerale and the fig of Cilento.

They are niche products, very difficult to find on the market, we recommend to buy these products directly in this area, from the farmers.

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