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Italian-Americans Genealogy Research in Cilento

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Italian-American Cilento Genealogy Research

After the wars,a cause of hunger and the search for fortune, many inhabitants of Cilento chose to emigrate towards a better life.
One of the most popular destinations was the United States.
They were fathers of families, who often no longer returned home, young boys to create a future for themselves, and young girls who were given in marriage by proxy. (Matrimonio per procura)

The number of emigrants from Cilento, in fact, is not bizarre to find in America numerous Italian-American associations. it is not bizarre that there is a flow of tourists from America interested in visiting the small Italian villages and rediscovering their roots.
This type of tourism is called  “ Genealogy research - ancestry trip “
Tourists interested in “ Genealogy research - ancestry trip “ .
Tourists love to visit not only the village of origin, but also to discover the culture of the place and try the poor dishes of their grandparents and great-grandparents.
The most visited Cilento villages are:
Rutino, Stio , Laurino ,Piaggine , Bellosguardo, Eredita, Vallo, Trentinara, Cicerale, Piaggine. Prignano, Torchiara, Giungano e Monteforte
Some of these ancient villages are no longer inhabited as in the 50s.
But many villages have been restored and have become some of the most beautiful villages in Italy and secret destinations, the villages enclose a unique and fairy-tale charm.

It is often possible to visit not only the village, but also the birthplace and meet relatives and get excited with warm hugs.
Is this the best part of the genealogy tour  , in fact, it is not uncommon that when we accompany a family to discover their roots.
We are able to make them meet with Italian relatives and qest 'last with the family spirit invite everyone to enter their home preparing a great coffee and taking photos from old albums to show.
Find out more about your surname and the overseas journey of your ancestors

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