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Italian Americans, discover your origins through your surname

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Ancestors research is complicated,this article may help you

The surname is the name that indicates the family to which it belongs.
In Italy the surnames are very important because a surname not only identifies the family but often also the place where a person comes from.
Esposito is a typical surname from Campania region and the city of Naples.
Ferraro is a surname type from Piedmont region and the city of Turin.

Traditionally, male and female children inherit the surname of the father's family.
But often, in Italian noble families the children inherit the surnames of both parents.
Parents can by law choose which surname to give to the child.

Because of bizarre division of the map of Italy, it is very common for people of Italian origin living abroad to confuse the place where their grandparents lived.
In fact it is very common that the Italian Americans confuse the region capital or the province with the village of origin.
Italy is divided into regions, the regions are divided in provinces and each province contains villages or municipalities.
The regional capital contains all the provinces of a region and is the administrative headquarters of the region.

An example:
Campania is an Italian region.
Naples is the regional capital of Campania.
Salerno is a province of Campania.
Capaccio Paestum is a small town in the province of Salerno.

Attention the capital of Italy is Rome.
Naples is the region capital of Campania, as Naples there are other region capitals, a capital for each region. There are 20 regions in Italy.

It is very important for those looking for their roots, and arrives in Italy for a Genealogy research - ancestry trip, to know the village of exact residence of their ancestors.

The village of residence of the ancestors is not the same as the place of birth. In fact, the hospitals were in the larger cities and if the birth was complicated the child could not be born as usual at home, but the woman was taken to the hospital and the child was registered as born in a place other than that of residence.

Use the map of Italian surnames to find out where the surname of your ancestors came from

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