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Best experiences in Paestum and Cilento

paestum holidays
Best experiences in Paestum and Cilento

A dream trip to discover good food and excellent wines.
What to do if you choose Paestum and Cilento for your holidays?
Here some ideas for you!! Enjoy them!
Best experiences and tours in Cilento National Park & Paestum on 2020!!

1- Buffalo’s farms

Visit a buffalo’s farms. You will see the bizarre buffaloes and walk in the stables.
You will be able to see the ancient processing of buffalo’s mozzarella.
Mozzarella is an exceptional and very tasty cheese, his nickname is "The white gold".
At the end of the tour, you will taste an excellent and very fresh mozzarella!
If you are on vacation in Paestum, you must visit it, because Paestum is known for one of the most important archaeological area but also for its excellent mozzarella!!

2- Visit a vineyard.

Anyway Paestum is not only famous for its excellent buffalo’s mozzarella.
Paestum is a small village located in the area of Cilento National Park!
Cilento is a truly interesting area for many points of view!In fact, it is a geographically unique area!
Cilento is divided into: internal Cilento and coastal Cilento.Its characteristics make it a perfect place for growing many varieties of plants.There are many vineyards, the climate in Cilento is excellent for growing grapes.
Cilento wine is very popular in Italy and step by step is becoming popular in some European countries too!
Cilento wine has a rich and full-bodied taste.You can visit a winery and walk among the vineyards.
An expert winemaker will show you the secrets of the wine production.Then you enjoy a glass of wine, in the tranquillity of the unspoiled nature!

3-Cooking class, the secrets of the Mediterranean diet.

Are you a lover of good food? Cilento is the destination for you!
The geographical area of ​​Cilento is famous throughout Europe for its excellent traditional cuisine.
You can enjoy one day as a cook and learn the typical Cilento’s dishes.Make a unique experience with a cooking class where you will learn how to cook pasta, pizza and typical desserts.

Curiosity about Buffalo’s Mozzarella

Buffalo’s mozzarella is a delicious food.
Mozzarella is the result of processing buffalo’s milk.
Mozzarella di Paestum is a typical food, it has the European recognition, DOP.
The term mozzarella comes from the Italian verb to cut  “mozzare”..
There are three manufacturing processes for mozzarella:
-Acidification and coagulation;
- Break and ripen the curd;

Curiosity about Cilento wine

Cilento is a typical wine from a geographical area in the South of Italy.
Cilento is a DOC wine. Types of wines called "Cilento" are:
 "Cilento" Rosso or red;
"Cilento" Rosé;
"Cilento" White;
"Cilento" Aglianico;
"Cilento" Fiano.
The most appreciated wine is the red Cilento.
DOC "Cilento red" is the union of the vineyards:
Aglianico for 60-75%
Piedirosso and / or Primitivo for 15-20%.
It is an excellent, full-bodied wine with a ruby ​​color, perfect for meat dishes and in particular goat cheese.

Curiosity about Cilento’s food

Italy is famous for its excellent cuisine.
In fact, Italian cuisine has been the subject of scientific studies for many years.
The benefits of Italian cuisine are numerous, as demonstrated by the studies of Dr. Ancel Keys.
Ancel Keys is considered the father of the Mediterranean diet.
In Cilento area, research carried out on the benefits of typical foods, because in Cilento there are many people who are over 100 years old!

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